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DJ Chippie, is what you call a real living legend. Started as a Break-dancer/ graffiti writer, Chippie began to turn the tables in the mid eighties, at age 14. Inspired by DJs such as Gizmo, Fix ( Orlando Voorn ), Alien 2000, Michel De Hey and all Star fresh, Chippie became a highly respected DJ on his own. In the 90’s Chippie was one the most booked DJ’s in the country and inspired a lot of newcomers with his eclectic sets and productions. His 1995 debut single "Hey Chippie, Nak A Pokoe" reached the number one status in the Caribbean and his second single with rapper Lewis, called "Mooie Vrouwen" ( In de zomer zie je ze ) Is till this day a floor filler. Now in 2018, Chippie is not only still rocking the crowd as a DJ, but he is also an entrepreneur. Together with his son, Just Me, also a DJ and producer, he founded his own independent music publishing company and bookings agency called Wrekonize. And when he is not in the studio or playing in the Clubs, Chippie loves to write and his first book, The road to success is the road to yourself, will be self-published in autumn 2018.

Wrekonize Agency

Wrekonize Agency 0642131311 [email protected] WTC Rotterdam Beursplein 37 3011AA Rotterdam

WTC Rotterdam Beursplein 37 3011AA Rotterdam